• Q: I cannot find the image editing tools!
    A: There are two ways to edit an image:
    • For a new page, instead of tapping the camera icon, select Edit, New page, then tap on the image miniature. After you have selected an image, editing tools will appear automatically.
    • For an existing page, select Edit, tap on the image you want to adjust, then on its minitature. Editing tools will appear.
  • Q: I cannot remove a page. I tapped on Edit in the pages list, but the controls to remove it do not appear!
    A: Pages cannot be removed if used by documents. This is necessary because if you edit a document, or another page of the document, this document will be regenerated, action possible only if all of its pages exist. To delete a used page, you must first delete all of the documents that use it.
  • Q: Why cannot I upload a single page to Google Docs? Document uploading works...
    A: This used to be possible in the past. Google recently introduced new features for Google Docs, including the possibility to upload raw files that it would not try to interpret. Unfortunately, it also limited the size of images uploaded by external applications to a maximum of 0.5MB for non-premium accounts. Since Scanner&Fax image sizes range from 1 to 2 MB, and we don't have the capability to distinguish between normal and premium accounts yet, for now we have removed Google Docs image uploading support (image uploading to WebDAV or iDisk is still supported). We will reintroduce it again if Google changes their policies.