This page contains a screenshots collection to show Scanner&Fax capabilities and ease of use.

Pages list

Show the pages list. Here you can see all of the images you have stored inside the application.

Page preview

You can preview any page. It will be possible to pinch to zoom in and out, and to scroll while zoomed in. It is also possible to copy a full sized image to the clipboard for use within other iPhone applications, thus turning Scanner&Fax into a handy image editing tool, too.

Page export

You can also send the image over e-mail, or save it inside the iPhone camera roll.

Edit pages list

Pages can be removed only if there are no PDF documents using them. In this particular screenshot all pages are in use. It is possible to add a new image by selecting 'Add page', selecting the image (from camera roll or by taking a new picture), enhance and finally save it. Or you can just click on the camera button on the upper left, which will let you take a new picture and add it to the pages list immediately. Remember, pictures can be edited at any time.

Edit page

Here you are presented a summary of the page (name and description), as well as a miniature of the image itself. Tapping on the miniature will allow you to enhance it.

Edit used page

If a page is already in use by one or more PDF documents, you will be notified that if you commit any change to the image, all associated PDF documents will be regenerated.

Automatic image enhancing

You can let Scanner&Fax automatically enhance the image for you.

Edit image

Or you can do it manually. This is the image editing view. On the lower left you can see the available manual editing tools:

  • correct perspective deformations
  • brightness
  • contrast
  • saturation

Correct perspective deformations

This tool will allow you to crop to the image area you are actually interested in, and to fix perspective deformations. Please note the 'A4' button in the middle of the button bar.

Correct perspective deformations, continued

Clicking on that button will allow you to select the desired output aspect ratio of the page. The area you identified will be straightened and its proportions will match your selection.

Correct perspective deformations, continued

Just to give you a glimpse of how it works, here is an image before correcting perspective deformation.

Correct perspective deformations, continued

The same image after applying the filter.

Other editing tools

Other editing tools will present you with a slider to increase or decrease the selected property (in this case color saturation). You will see the result of the operation in real time!

Documents list

Documents list work in much the same way as the pages list. Password protected PDF documents will be marked as such. You can preview documents just as you can preview the single images.

PDF document preview

While previewing a PDF document you will be able to scroll through the pages, and to pinch to zoom in and out.

PDF document management

While creating or editing a PDF document, you will be able to set its name and description, as well as its format and orientation, and (if you want) to protect it with a password.

PDF Document management, continued

Choosing the pages of the document has never been so easy! Just scroll through the available pages, tap to select or deselect one, and drag to order them to your liking.


From this page you will be able to access all of the sharing capabilities of Scanner&Fax. Right now you can opt to

  • enable an embedded web server so that you can access pages and documents from your favourite web browser over Wi-Fi, no Internet connection needed!
  • send pages and documents as e-mail attachments
  • Public them on any of your Google Docs accounts

And we are already at work to support other network publishing services, such as WebDav or iDisk.

Wi-Fi sharing

This is how Scanner&Fax documents sharing will appear on your web browser.

Wi-Fi sharing, continued

Pages are shared in exactly the same manner.

Email sharing

E-mail sharing will allow you to select which pages and documents will be attached to your message.

Google Docs sharing

Google Docs sharing will allow you to select pages and documents just as we described above, then let you navigate trough your account folders to choose where the data will be saved.

Google Docs sharing, continued

You will get visual feedback of your upload progress.

Google Docs sharing, continued

And get notified when the upload ends.